Hi, welcome to the world of The Traveller.

When my parents took the family to French for a holiday, a whole new world opened up. A strange language, different customs, different food but what made the most impression on me were the different landscapes we drove through. I was fascinated by the wide open spaces with the fantastic panoramas, by the mountains, the woods, the lakes and the different architecture of the buildings in the cities we visited. I knew this is what I want to do. Travelling.

An old brownie square box called a photo camera was accompanying us on our trips to capture the adventures on film. A Kodak Brownie 2. It featured two view finders and a slider to shoot. Since I had no idea of aperture or shutter speed, it was great to handle and after I was allowed to make some pictures, I was hooked on photography. Luckily enough these two things combine beautifully.

Progress was made, courses were followed and the experience enriched. Several camera’s were acquired of which some were used way past their use by date and with the arrival of digital technology, more advanced camera’s were added to the collection to keep up with the trend of the time.

Times may have changed but it never has dampened my love for travelling and photography.

I hope you enjoy your visit to my blog and please visit the gallery in which I have combined my Travels with Photography.

P.s. All images in the gallery are for sale. Consider decorating your walls or refresh your memories with one of my artworks.

Thank you so much for taking the time to visit my blog.


John Vriesekolk

Please follow the TOPICS by number to have a good read through each story.

All written work and images are © copyright John Vriesekolk

A direct connection to a Photo gallery of The Traveller is  John’s Art


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