3 comments on “Tasmania 7

  1. The first time I managed to travel to Strahan was later into 2011. I was so excited (I was travelling there for work) and eagerly packed my fully charged camera. After my working role finished for the day, off I went ~ happily snapping away! To this day, I do not understand how I did not realise ~ and I woke in the early hours of the next morning with the knowledge I had no card in my camera!!!
    To say I was extremely annoyed with myself would be a massive understatement.

    Your story is, as always so wonderfully written. It is full of interest with those little undertones of humour, which I so like from your writing.
    I have full intention of one day doing the Lady Franklin river tour. It sounds to be very enjoyable! And I will remember to have my camera fully functional ~ and hopefully share some images with you :o))

    Thank you my friend for adding this bit of enjoyment to my day.

    • Looking forward to see those images Sharon. Luckily you live on the island although Strahan is not around the door. Take a long weekend :-). So happy you like my writing and thanks for your inspirational comments. We’re off to Hobart, well, as the story goes.

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